Arm Aerator


Aquaculture activity is increasing day by day throughout the word. To develop Aquaculture, we require good soil, good water source & electricity. To overcome the issue of unavailability of electricity, we developed this long arm aerator which can work with diesel engine.

Some times pond size extra large and we cannot be able to create enough oxygen and water current by regular Paddle Wheel Aerator, while this 8 Paddle Long Arm Aerator can give good oxygen as well as good water current also. We create proper alignment for this Long Arm Aerator by use proper parts like Assamble Impeller, HDPE Floats. So, we get proper water current and more oxygen as Paddle Wheel Aerator. By proper parts of Long Arm Aerator we get minimum power loss compare to other Long Arm Aerator.

  • 40% saving on power bills.
  • Output-102 RPM
  • High Oxygen Generation And Excellent Water Current
  • Most Acconamically Priced & Ideal Design
  • Low Noice Levels
  • Made from 100% Virgin raw material.
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Bushing.