Floating Jetty

  • Marine Structure for Resorts
  • Scalar Power Plants
  • Cage Culture/Fish Forms
  • Aquatic Performance Conevntion Facilities
  • Small Rafting island
  • Moring Structure for jet-Skins,Kayaks other Small Boats
  • Water Sports Platform
  • Flood Control Barriage
  • Sevagae and Water Treatment System
  • Floating Walkways
  • Floating Restaurants and Cottages-Aquatic Beer Bars,Coffee Shops,Rest Shelters,LIving Rooms&BedRooms
  • Militarty&Navy Division
  • Landing For Sailors&Rowers,Water Skeirs,Surfaces,Navy Vessels etc

Features & Benfits
  • Long 10years Useful Life
  • Does not rat,splinter or rust
  • Safe-there are no Sharp Cutting edges
  • Environmental Friendliy
  • Requires Litres or almost no Mainatainanace can be easily Removed for cleaning at any time
  • Extremly Durable ,Our Floating Jettiles are Treated against UV resistant to all kinds of tides and Wheather Conditions
  • Can be widely used in Various Water Conditions
  • Mainatainanace free and Low Upkeep Costs
  • Convenient and Simple Constructions
  • Tensile Strength is over 1.950kg approved by the autherities.