Floating Jetty

  • Marine Structures for Resorts
  • Solar Power Platforms
  • Cage Aquaculture/Fish Farms
  • Aquatic Performance Convention Facilities
  • Small Rafting Islands
  • Mooring Structures for Jet-Skis, Kayaks, and other Small Boats
  • Water Sports Platforms
  • Flood Control Barrages
  • Sewage and Water Treatment Systems
  • Floating Walkways
  • Floating Restaurants and Cottages - including Aquatic Beer Bars, Coffee Shops, Rest Shelters, Living Rooms, and Bedrooms
  • Military and Navy Installations
  • Landing Facilities for Sailors, Rowers, Water Skiers, Surfers, Navy Vessels, etc.

Features & Benfits
  • Offers a Long Service Life
  • Ensures Safety with Smooth, Edge-Free Surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly Design
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance and can be Easily Removed for Cleaning as needed
  • Exceptionally Durable, our Floating Jet Tiles are UV-treated and withstand all Tides and Weather Conditions
  • Versatile Usage across Various Water Conditions
  • Low Maintenance Costs and virtually Maintenance-free
  • Simple and Convenient Construction
  • Boasts a Tensile Strength exceeding 1,950kg, verified by authorities