Fish Cage Manufacture

Srr Aqua Supplier is the Prominent Manufactures of floating ducks/Pontoons in India.Our floating Ducks area True forced to be reckoned with.we have been serving our Customers With Mission of Making time on Water Better than ever.At Srr Aqua Suppliers,We take care to Select Only The most premium So that On your Floating Docks Not only Stands Well But Also Lool Fantastic. Our Fish Cage Manufacture Products is Manufactured With Virgin High Density Polyehytlen(HDPE) by Giving UV Trearment-Therefore Designed TO With stand Exposure to Sunlight,Water And Other Elements With its Anti-Static,Anti Corrrosive Propertise and skid Resistant Surface,its Makes Excellent and Long Losting Products

About Cage Aquaculter

Cage Culture is an AQuaCulture Product System Where Fishes Are in Held in Floating net Cages in Reservours,lakes And Other Large Water Bodies,Cage Aquaculture Involves The Growing Of Fishes In Exstiing System With Floating Net To Hold And Culture large no Fishes


  • 100% Virgin HDPE
  • Double Layered
  • Ultra Voilated Treated
  • Long Life
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Easy Installation&low Mainatainanace
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Nuts And Bots Washers ANd Centre Pins
  • Anti Skids Surface on Pantoon
  • Certified by Governamnet Bodies

Fish Cage Manufacture
Fish Cage Manufacture
  • Size:Length:50,Width:50,Height:40
  • Weight:7kgs
  • Load Capacity:350kg/Sq.m
  • Colours:Blue,Black,Grey,Yellow
  • Material:High Density Polyhetylene
  • 100% Virgin
  • 10 years*.Depending On The Usages And Site Location