Aquasol-PS is a proprietary blend of highly active beneficial microbes, which helps in improving the pond environment by sludge degradation and controlling the proliferation of pathogens. Microbes in Aquasol-PS produce large amount of waste degrading enzymes like amylase, protease, lipase, cellulose, hemicelluloses, which continuously biodegrade variety of accumulated organic load at the pond bottom through a continuous mineralization process and convert them into simpler forms and thereby promote a healthy environment for Shrimp / Prawn.

Aquasol-PS should be used from the beginning of the crop cycle to achieve best results.

1 KG Composition Contains:

Calcium : 32%

Phosphorus : 12%

Sulphur : 1%

Magnesium : 5000mg

Copper Sulphate : 1000mg

Cobalt : 150mg

Ferrous Sulphate : 200mg

Zinc : 9500mg

Iron : 5000mg

Potassium : 200mg

Manganese Sulphate : 1500mg

Chlorine Chloride : 5000mg/p>

Sodium Borate : 100mg

Ammonium Molybedate : 200mg

Sodium Selenite : 200mg

Chromium Picolinate : 5mg

L-Lysine : 4000mg

Vitamin AD3 : 150,000 IU

Vitamin E : 50,000 IU

Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics


  • Better Moulting
  • Better Plankton Growth
  • Balances Mineral Deficiency

POND APPLICATION : 5 kg / Acre or as directed by the Aquaculture consultant.

FEED APPLICATION : 20 kg to be mixed in 1 ton of feed

SHELF LIFE : 2 yrs.