GelWel stabilizes the gastrointestinal functions of thee shrimp/fish by developing a beneficial probiotic environment and results in improving digestion and absorption of the shrimp/fish feed. GelWel is a vital combination of probiotics and essential micro nutrients with binding property that is a must in dietary supplement for prawn and fishes.


  • Maintains the balanced feed supplement for shrimp/fish health
  • Creates probiotics environment within pond eco system.
  • Assists shrimp/fish immune defense to withstand high stressful conditions.
  • Hydrolyses feed allowing nutrients to be more available for the shrimp/fish.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR).


Mix GelWel with feed/feed supplements and allow it to dry for 10 mins before using. 5-10 ml / 1KG of feed.


Probiotics with essential micro-nutrients and binding agents.

POTENCY : Guaranteed Analyses (Per KG) > 1000 x 10 cfu

SHELF LIFE : 2 yrs.


Do not freeze. Store in 35 degrees or below. Avoid direct sun light.

Does not contain any drug or chemicals..